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Why I hate being right.... [Dec. 21st, 2005|11:32 pm]
I called it...Johnny Damon is a Yankee. I have always said he wasn't a team player. I have always said that Hollywood John never cared about anyone but himself. He is no longer cute. Sure, he's a good ball-player. A really good ball-player. But Damon did this when he came to the Red Sox originally: Waited until free-agency and jacked up his price. Did he produce every year? Certainly. Was he part of the greatest team in baseball history(i.e. 2004 Boston Red Sox)?Most definetely. I'd love to remember Johnny Damon for his 2004 ALCS game 7 heroics, with a grand slam and home-run, busting out of his slump. I'd love to remember his gleeming smile when he robbed the Athletics of an out at home with his knack for speedyness. But I can't. What I'm left with Mr. Damon, is a series of great baseball scenes, squashed under this move. How will our children exist as Red Sox fans without that shaggy retard playing center? I'd love to remember Johnny Damon as a player I loved, but I can't. He was a popular player in a popular town who decided to go to the dark side. He's playing for the bad guy's now and as many girls have assessed to me, they never thought evil could look so good. But he's gone from the centerfield in my heart and hopefully a Jeremy Reed, Coco Crisp or the great Dave Roberts can put me back together. The Red Sox are incomplete for next season, and so am I. Thanks Johnny, see you for real in October.