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[Jul. 14th, 2005|11:35 pm]
So anyone who was thinking to themselves that Curt Schilling as a closer was a bad choice is now correct. I was pretty indifferent on the matter. And then tonight happened...and I still don't feel all that angry. Granted I'm aggrevated that we lost. However, I don't see this game as being Schillings fault. There are two ways to look at Schillings preformance. Here they are:

Theo and management was pressuring their number one arm to get back in the big leagues.


Schilling dictated to management his willingness to come back and be in the high drama of the moment.

Regardless of the situation, having a Curt Schilling, either coming out of the dugout to start or the bullpen to close never made me at all uneasy. This guy is a pitcher. He's not a starter, he's not middle relief, he's not a closer: He is a pitcher. He is someone who can come in and command the strike zone with his pitches. That is a quality I want in any of the three aforementioned positions. After tonight, it's obvious that the bullpen is not the only problem. Schilling cannot be the whipping boy. Here are some cases.

Millar boots, albeit a mediocre throw from Bill Mueller, that costs the lead to a tie.
Embree remains in to the switch hitting Posada, leading to a lead-off double.
Arroyo was not sharp. He should not be giving up hits like those to Giambi and Bernie.
Francona mis-managed the bullpen before Schilling, giving Timlin inherited runners, something he hasn't been great with.

For all the positives of the game, Damon continuing his hit streak, Papi's blast, Millar getting on a roll, it's easy to see the negative. We lose a game in the AL East, now having the Yankees 1 1/2 games back. Schilling can't close. Timlin should close. Arroyo sucks. Wakefield should close. Manny didn't show up to a press conference at the All-Star Game. Papi farted. Renteria grounded into a double play. Bellhorn struck out. Damon get's a haircut. I think the time to rally around the good of our team has to be now. The problems have been recognized and will work themselves out with the right management and personnel. But let's not jump to conclusions. With all the bad still happening, we lead the division and remain a contender for the playoffs. Oh yeah, we're also defending world champions.